Fusion Cuisine


Eat globally, think globally, may be the new motto, the secret for peace between  people all over the world.

We can’t claim that a cuisine with limited boundaries restricts the mind as well, but we can argue that a wide range of foods and their intergretation, accelerates the consciousness centers of the abilities and the perspectives, that were unknown to people with restricted consciousness to the equivalent local of bread, potatoe and meat.

And now with the marriage, or at least with the flert, between dishes and foods that came from far away and their way of production, the perspectives for change are going through flavor. The saying “we are cooking with ingredients from all over the world “, is awakening us, not only towards the other cultures, but towards the symbolic and real qualities of food as well. The worldwide cuisine, accelerates our appreciation for herbs, that are used as natural medicines and may be our lost key for longevity. It is a knowledge that passes down from generation to generation to the natives, helping the regeneration of the ancient therapeutic heritage of human race. Every culture, as we gradually discover, has its own internal sense of the life-giving energy of food. The palate of new cuisines in the world table is a hologram that brings to light the secrets of an ancient bodily-center wisdom, that activates a new apprehension of universality and wisdom as well as the depth of our existence.

If you enter in the kitchen of the best restaurants in N.America, you will find japanese chefs that were apprenticed in France, americans that studied in Shanghai and different ethnicities of sou-chefs that are experiened in a wide range of cuisines.Professionals of a high form of art, the best chefs in the new fusion cuisine compose with their notes of individual cuisines, a delicious symphony, that has never been heard before. The composed music of the new cuisine is so unexpected that anyone who becomes familiar with it, is tempted to leave back the familiar, safe, tasty choices and start heading to the new directions. A great fusion meal obliges us to meet the flavours of the world, having as starting point a new realization. On the contrary, when we eat familiar dishes, we know what to expect and our correspondence is expected and well-established.

Take for example, the familiar warmth, the softly sweetness and the silky perfection of a steaming French onion soup. Then, pour in it coriander and cintronella and maybe the root of an uncommon vegetable, like purple potatoes. All 0f a sudden, you will have to acknowledge what you are eating. Wake up and discover a rage of senses and flavors, a new worldwide geography- the French Alps united with the grounds of Thailand and a garden in Peru. By putting together all the basic structual elements of flavor, you are in front of a revelation of the senses, an innovative and attractive call of awakening.

If it is produced and consumed consciously, the fusion dish can become a transcedent and tranformational experience. This experience makes you feel like a child, involves the enthusiasm for something new and the hope in it that is awakening us. It promises us a kind of return back to innocence. On the other hand, what is concerned great can become ridiculous as well. When fusion dishes are created by chance, like it happens in many restaurants,  it is like a monkey pressing the ivories of the piano. In a sophosticated restaurant of New York, i was served << western tacos with chicken>> that contained pineapple and sun-dried tomatoes mixed with a sauce of dairy cream and mango. In addition to this insult to our palate, the waiter suggested to have a choco-martini. However, when it is created by someone after a lot of consideration, a fusion dish is considered as a fugue, not only in a tasty but in an intellectual level as well. Its pleasure, is like ascending the stairs of a holy temple. Every music note makes you go even higher, in another level of consciousness.

This cuisine gives us the wisdom of the future and the knowledge of the past, an incredible conscience, which, like the salmon, who goes back to his homeland, it helps us find our way towards the country of our future self. Reaching her highest point, fusion cuisine, is a map for our cellular memory- a virtual tarot deck of food.

2 examples of fusion cuisine:

American steak sandwich

 Beef ragu with fried polenta