SABA Reduction Must

SABA: from the latin word sapa, a derivative of the word sapore which means taste, used to express the extraordinary taste of this grape mush, which is fermented and concentrated because of the evaporation process.

A product known from the time of the Romans. A classic inredients in the regions of Emilia Romagna, Marche and Sardinia.

It is made of white and black grapes originating from the regions where docg, igt, doc wines are produced (higher quality, following strict restrictions, geographical as well as concerning the production, p.d.o., and p.g.i.).

This is a grape mush that is strictly boiled before the fermentation process begins, for 8-10 hours, and when its volume has been reduced to its 1/3, it is ready to be used.

It is also called “honey of the poor”. It is rich in antioxidants. Traditionally it is used as a cure for stomach ache, sore throat, the common cold, insomnia and as a strengthening and relaxing supplement.

Today, the companies making this product are very few, because of how hard it is to produce and because of the extremely strict regulations for its production, regulations and conditions that are needed for the product to be certified as a p.d.o product “saba dell’ Emilia Romagna”.

SABA Reduction Must