Satay Sauce

Foodies’ search for a perfect dish with meat often leads to a satay chicken, a delicacy of southeastern asian cuisine with grilled meat.

Coming from Java, in Indonesia, the dish was recognized as the national dish, while it is heralded with great enthusiasm all over south and southeastern Asia as well as in the Netherlands, cause Indonesia used to be a dutch colony.

All that happened before the introduction of gastronomy in the world. Have you ever wondered, the perfect connection between satay and its sauce, while enjoying the delicate flavour of the dish?This is so, as satay is the chopped meat and the sauce is a variant of peanut sauce that has taken its name from it.

It is known that Arabs, used to cut the meat into pieces, which they skewer in their swords, to roast them, while nomads in Middle east are still skewering pieces of meat in small metallic spits to roast them. This kind of meat is known as Kebab. Due to the trade of spices and mainly the immigration of Arabs in Indonesia, this dish was embraced from the locals and soon became the dish that we know today. The spits that are used today, are made from bamboo, while chicken is often replaced with other kinds of meat such as beef, rabbit,lamb or even pork for those who are not muslims.

Turmentic is the main ingredient of the mixture, in which the meat is marinated and obtains the vibrant yellow colour.Once it is roasted, it is served with peanut sauce, which is known as satay sauce, along with onions and rice or rice cakes. Kinds of meat such as pork, are served with pineapple satay sauce, a variation of the sauce with pineapple puree.

The Chinese are using the satay sauce in other dishes as well, such as the noodles and with other kinds of grilled meat. A sweeter version of the sauce is very popular in Thailand.

Some of the ingredients that are used for the preparation are:garlic, lemon juice, coconut sugar,cintronella,green onions, ginger,tamarind,salt,chilli,pepper and sweet soy sauce ,which are added in the basis of peanuts.

All of them are used in the correct proportion, in order to give the distinctive,balanced and complete flavour that accompanies the meat and upgrades a simple food to a gourmet meal.

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