A mysterious and elusive seed of nature. Many know about it, but few can enjoy it. Truffle is a unique exemple of nature’s miracles.

Its history is lost in the depths of the centuries, as there are records showing that they were used during the era of Jacob by the Sumerians, and later on by the Greeks and Romans, who considered it to be god’s food and a very effective aphrodisiac.

It is mainly found in Asia, North Africa and North America, but one of the greatest and most fruitful regions is Central Europe and especially Italy and France, who are famous for their high quality truffles.

The varieties found in Italy are: Tuber magnatum Pico, Tuber melanosporum Vittad, Tuber aestivum Vittad, Tuber brumale Vittad., Tartufo bianchetto, and, last but certainly not least, the well-known white truffle, which is the undesputed king of all truffles.

Truffle grown in humid places and in the shadow of mixed forests, co-existing with oak trees, linden trees, eech trees and more. Every variety is collected during a different time of the year.

In the heart of Tuscany, on the hills of San Miniato, a small midieval town, the collectors of truffle, called tartufai, with years of experience and unlimited love for nature, collect truffles of excellent quality (Tuber magnatum Pico), for hundreds of years. The largest truffle ever found was discovered here in 1954. Its weight was 2,5 kilos.

White truffle has also taken the name « truffle of Alba or Piemonte», but this area in Tuscany is more fruitful and the locals boast that they are the ones supplying the market of Alba, that is so high in demand.

During local festivals occuring all year long, one can taste traditional truffle products and participate in the events. There are also excurions organised just for tourists or anyone who wants to participate in the treasure hunt and experience first hand the unique process of finding truffles.

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