Veganism can be defined as the way of life that tends to exclude as much as possible, all the forms of exploitation and violation against the animals, by using them as food, or for their skin, the fur or any other part of their bodies, for our clothing and for other purposes. It is an exclusively vegetarian diet, from which meat, fish, seafood and any other kind of animal derivatives such as milk, cheese, eggs, honey etc are omitted.

It may sound weird to some people, but this trend is not something new.The term and the movement are existing since 1944 and are defined from the still existing and active vegetarians of Leicester in Britain.

Malnourished, bearded, sanctimonious hippies that smoked hemp and wore sandals, was the picture that came to our mind for many years when we heard the word vegan. However, the new generation is changing the stereotypes and this is shown in social media as well.As the movement of veganism is constantly increasing (500% each year in America, from 1% of the population in 2014, 6,5 % in 2017), becoming a vegan becomes easier.

Vegan cuisine is healthy and polymorphic, from flavors and ingredients from all over the world. Competes with increasing success the traditional high-valued cuisine without being so complicated. It has unlimited potentials and results that can surprise even the most demanding palate and the dishes are no longer served with proselytism and fanaticism. Beyong the flavor and the imagination, they give the impression that we have done the healthiest choice for ourselves and the environment.

Vegan gourmet restaurants are daily cropping up all over the world. Many of them have the best, most talented chefs, cause vegan cuisine is not always a piece of cake. It may be a challenge. The new generation of vegan restaurants are modern, friendly , keeping up with the most modern design. There is nothing weird about them and they do not declare that they will save the world. They are restaurants, where delicious dishes are prepared for everyone with fruits and vegetables , even for those that eat meat and want to eat something healthy.

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