Guest Chef recipes

Beef veal tartar in a bovine consommé

Category: Appetizers

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. Beef veal fillet 500 grams
  1. Spice oil grilled garlic-Huacatai 40 grams
  1. Steak spice 25 grams
  1. Gravy sauce 35 grams
  1. Chicken broth 15 grams
  1. Mayonnaise 50 grams
  1. White tartufata cream 15 grams
  2. Balsamico vinegar pearls with rasberry flavour 60 grams

Preparation Time:15 minutes


  1. Finely cut the fillet
  1. Season the filet with the huacatai and the steak spice
  1. Thin the gravy sauce wth the chicken broth in a small pot and let it boil once
  1. Mix the mayonnaise with the tartufata and place the mixture in a bottle
  1. Serve the tartar in a quenelle and place at each of its sides a small dose of truffle mayonnaise
  1. Sprinkle the dish with the bovine consommé in room temperature
  2. Finaly, place the pearls on top of each quenelle


Special thanks to the restaurant Extravaganza for its hospitality

Chef: Antonis Moustakis

In the kitchen since 2006 next to great teachers he learned to love the art of cooking

Since 2014 until today he ”creates” in his own kitchen in the restaurant Extravaganza