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Black angus Tartare with colatura di alici

Category: Starter

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  1. 150 gr Beef tenderloin black angus
  2. 100 gr. Pork rind
  3. 10 ml Colatura Di Alici
  4. 30 ml Spice oil smoked paprika-jalapeno
  5. 70 gr. Μayonnaise
  6. 10 gr. Natural Lemon juice 100%
  7. 10 gr. Fresh Chives
  8. 5 gr. Danish smoked pyramid salt
  9. 2 gr. Nori powder
  10. 20 gr. Passion fruit pearls
  11. 20 gr Balsamic pearls with lemon flavoring
  12. 5 gr. Fruit pepper forest fruit

Preparation Time:  40 hours & Execution time: 5 minutes


  1. For the pork cracker:
    1. Boil the pork rind for 3 hours.
    2. Get it well-strained and leave it in the dehumidifier for 36 hours.
    3. Then, fry it in high heat for 30 seconds and the cracker is ready.
  2. For the spicy Mayo
    1. Mix the mayo with the spice oil smoked paprika-jalapeno.
  3. For the meat: 1. Cut the tartare meat . 2 Marinate the meat with Colatura di Alici, Natural lemon juice, chives, danish smoked salt, fruit pepper forest fruit and stir them.
  4. Decorate the dish:
    1. Place the cracker on the bottom.
    2. Place the tartare above the cracker.
    3. Add the spicy mayo.
    4. Αdd the nori powder.
    5. Decorate the dish with the pearls.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Malconi’s Italian Restaurant for their hospitality.

Chef: Giannis Kosmadakis

Motto: “Let your instict lead you to simplicity and simplicity will lead you to flavor.”