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Duck Carpaccio, Artichokes in textures and Porcini “stones”

Category: Starter

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  1. 300 gr duck breast
  2. 5 gr cedar
  3. 5 gr danish smoked pyramid salt
  4. 5 gr coriander
  5. 3 gr thyme
  6. 3 gr brown sugar
  7. 10 gr pepper 4 seasons
  8. 10 ml porcini olive oil
  9. 4 items of artichokes with stem
  10. 30 gr. Maltosec
  11. 10 gr. Mix forest fruits
  12. 10 ml Gravy sauce
  13. 5 ml Saba
  14. 3 gr. Porcini “Special Selection” Ά quality (dehydrated)

Preparation Time: 12 hours of preparation + 20 minutes of instructions


  1. For the duck
    1. Clean and dry the breast.
    2. Put the cedar, the coriander,the smoked salt, the thyme, the brown sugar and the 4 seasons pepper  in the mortar. Break them, in order to create one mixture.
    3. Then, cure the breast in his whole surface with the mortar’s mixture and let it in a cake rack to get drained, on the fridge.
  2. For the porcini “stones”
    1. Put in a mixing bowl the Maltosec and gradually pour the porcini olive oilκαι and blend them with a balloon whisk, till the “stones” are created.
    2. Then, take the dehydrated mushrooms,put them in a blender and sift them, so that only the powder will remain.
    3. Take the “stones”and in a circular motion cover them them with the porcini powder.
  3. For the sauce
    1. Put in a blender 5 gr of the mix forest fruits, the  gravy sauce and the Saba and mix them.
  4. Artichoke in textures (3)
    1. Use 1 whole artichoke,fire her up with the blowtorch and then cut her leaves.
    2. Freeze 1 artichoke, cut her in the gravity slicers machine and then fry her.
    3. Finally, for the artichoke puree, take 2 artichokes, drain them, put them in the thermomix, till they turn into a puree and sift them.
  5. Decorate with 5 gr mix forest fruits, flowers and sprouts.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Ciel Bar Restaurant for their hospitality

Chef: Dimitris Kotsivos

Love for cooking started at the age of 12.He has worked in restaurants like Ouzo Melathron, 7 seas,  in Pomegranate as a Head Chef and right now he is working in Ciel.

Philosophy: “Good raw materials.Good technique and ingredients management, keeping always in mind the need to stay alert in cooking.