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Christmas stuffed turkey with vegetable purée trilogy and gravy sauce

Category: Main dish

Ingredients for 6 portions:

  1. 1 Turkey of about 1.5 kilos deboned
  2. For the stuffing:
    1. Pumpkin Cream 200 grams
    2. Arsenico cheese from Siros, grated, 100 grams
    3. Variety of 8 mushrooms (trifolati) 100 grams
  3. For the purées:
    1. Broccoli, only the top part, finely cut, 500 grams
    2. Cauliflower, only the top part, finely cut, 500 grams
    3. Red sweet-potato, finely cut, 500 grams
    4. Butter 300 grams
    5. Salt -pepper
  4. For the sauce:
    1. Gravy sauce 200 grams
    2. SABA Reduction must 40 grams
    3. A little fresh thyme, finely cut
  5. For the vegetables:
    1. Rainbow carrots 100 grams
    2. ΠGreen asparagus 200 grams
  6. For the decoration:
    1. Cacao Pepper Allspice – Rasberry to taste
    2. 1 packet of sprouts of your choice

Prepartions time:2 hours


  1. For the turkey:
    1. Season well all sides with salt and Cacao Pepper Allspice – Rasberry .
    2. Prepare the stuffing by mixing the cheese with the Pumpkin Cream and the Variety of 8 mushrooms (trifolati).
    3. Spread the turkey on a clean surface with its skin on the bottom side.
    4. Place the stuffing in the center of the meat and lengthwise, creating a ”sausage” and then close the turkey in a roll, not too tightly, so the stuffing will remain in the center.
    5. Place the meat on a wrapping film and wrap the meat tightly and in a cross pattern, in order to seal it absolutely.
    6. Boil salted water inside a pan, place the turkey there and let it boil on a lown heat for about an hour or if you have a roner, place the turkey there at 64 degrees for about 3 hours. In both cases we cool the turkey down in cold water immediately.
  2. For the purées:
    1. In three small pots place the vegetables with 100 grams of butter and 100 grams of water on each one, add salt and boil on a very low heat with the lid on, until they become soft and the liquids have evaporated, so you will be able to mush them.
    2. Mush into a purée and pass them through a thin shieve to give them a creamy and smooth texture.
    3. In salted water, boil the vegetables for about two-three minutes and the cool them down immediately in cold water.
    4. For the serving, sauté the turkey carefully in hot clarifié butter or place in a very hot over until the exterior of the turkey turns red and the inside becomes warm.
    5. Let the turkey rest for about 5 minutes before cutting it.
    6. On a plate serve the purées and garnish with the vegetables after having sautéed then a little in butter without letting their colour change.
    7. Cut the turkey into slices of 2-3 centimeters and place in on the plate too.
  3. For the sauce:
    1. In a hot pan, place the gravy sauce along with the SABA reduction must and the thyme until they reduce to about their 1/3.
  4. Decorate the plate with the sauce, the cacao pepper and the sprouts.

Special thanks to Kitchen Bar for their hospitality

This plate will be served on Christmas Eve.

Chef: Faneromenos Mihalis


In 1995 he created the restaurant “ΣΥΡΑΚΟΥΣΕΣ”

He managed the restaurant “AZZURO”, the restaurant “LIVING ROOM” and then the restaurant “1800” in Ia, Santorini.

Since 2003 he is an Executive Chef in “Kitchen Bar” and in the restaurant chain “Gazi College