Guest Chef recipes

Country style lamb with sweet potato and herb gremolata

Category: Main dish

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. For the lamb:
    1. 600 gr cleaned lamb shoulder
    2. 10 gr Spice Oil Green Herbs-Garlic
    3. 10 gr Green mustard sauce
    4. Rosemary preferably
    5. Thyme preferably
    6. Olive oil preferably
    7. Salt preferably
    8. Pepper preferably
  2. For the sweet potato:
    1. 1 item of sweet potato
    2.  star Anise
    3. Spicemix del Mondo Massala
    4. Spicemix del Mondo Cape
    5. Brown sugar preferably
    6. Chicken stock
    7. Fresh butter preferably
    8. 1 clove of garlic
    9. Salt preferably
    10. Pepper preferably
  3. For the spicy yogurt:
    1. Yogurt preferably
    2. Natural lemon juice 100% preferably
    3. Chilli oil preferably
    4. Chilli rings preferably
  4. For the gremolata:
    1. chopped parsley preferably
    2. chopped spearmint preferably
    3. lemon zest preferably
    4. lime zest preferably
    5. Persian Bleu Salt preferably
    6. olive oil preferably
  5. Fresh tomato (partially dried)

Preparation time: 13 hours & 45 minutes preparation + 10 minutes instruction


  1. For the lamb:
    1. Marinate the lamb and cook it slowly in sous vide for 12 hours in 82⁰ C.
  2. For the sweet potato:
    1. Marinate the potatoes with the rest of the ingredients and cook it till the potatoes get a golden colour.
  3. For the spicy yogurt:
    1. Season the yogurt with the  chilli oil, the chilli rings and the natural lemon juice 100%.
  4. For the gremolata:
    1. Chop the herbs and add the zest, the olive oil and the Persian Bleu Salt.
  5. Finally, while you serve out use the  fresh tomato (partially dried) for decoration.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to BOHEME restaurant for their hospitality

Chef: Panagiotis Zarifes

In the restaurants since 1999.

Executive Chef in BOHEME and in ΟLIMPION.

“Iam trying to create a nostalgic influence on the customers of the restaurants that i work for, through my recipes and my quest for the good raw materials.”