Guest Chef recipes

Flight of the swan

Category: Dessert

Preparation time: 25 minutes & execution time: 1,5 min

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  1. 15 gr. Albumin
  2. 280 gr. Sugar
  3. 250 ml. Dairy cream 
  4. 25 gr. Glucose 
  5. 30 gr. Madagascar vanilla paste
  6. 5 gr. Gelatin
  7. 120 gr. White chocolate
  8. 125 gr. Cheese cream
  9. Pecan cream
  10. Caramel pearls
  11. Milk chocolate cookie-caramel crunch
  12. Whole pecans


  1. For the meringue:
    • Dilute the albumin in 150ml of water and then homogenize the mixture in a bain-marie.  Heat with the sugar until it reaches 65 degrees.
      • Place it in a mixer and beat it until the meringue cools down and becomes glossy.
      • Store in a pastry bag and give the desired shape to our meringues.
      • Then, bake at 80 degrees for 180 minutes. 
  2. For the mascarpone montee cream:
    • Add the cream cheese, the white chocolate, the Madagascar vanilla paste and the gelatin in a bowl.
    • Heat 125 ml of dairy cream in a saucepan. When it boils, pour them into the rest of the mixture and homogenize with a beamer.
    • Add the remaining cold cream and homogenize the mixture again.
    • Place in the refrigerator with a cling film in contact for 24 hours.
    • Finally beat it in a mixer until the cream thickens.
  3. For the decoration:
    • Put the meringues on the plate, place the montee in dots on the meringues and form slots for the pecan pastry cream with a spoon.
    • Add the pecan and the milk chocolate cookie-caramel crunch.
    • Garnish with the caramel pearls.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to the Cafe-Bar-Restaurant Sanna Coast for their hospitality.

Pastry Chef: Palaiologos Giannakis

Motto: Everyone has a skill…