Guest Chef recipes

Lobster with puree of peruvian potato

Category: Main dish

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  1. For the lobster:
    1. 300-400 gr lobster
    2. 70 gr sesame oil
    3. 150 gr butter
    4. 6 gr season pepper seaweed lemon
    5. 6 gr Danish smoked pyramid salt
  2. For the puree of peruvian potato:
    1. 120 gr peruvian potatoes
    2. 50 gr butter
    3. 35 gr dairy cream
    4. 4-5 gr Danish smoked pyramid salt
    5. thyme preferably
  3. For the beetroot sauce:
    1. 75 gr cleaned beetroot
    2. 2 leaves of gelatin
    3. 10 gr ginger
    4. 10 gr Kalamansi vinegar
    5. Salt
    6. White pepper
  4. For the garnishment:
    1. 4-5 items of beetroot leaves
    2. Lobster oil (preferable quantity)
    3. Balsamic pearls with lemon flavoring  (preferable quantity)
    4. Belunga caviar (preferable quantity)

Preparation Time: 1 hour & 20 minutes for preparation + 10 minutes for instructions


  1. Fillet the lobster, as you saute him with butter, sesame oil, season pepper seaweed-lemon και danish smoked pyramid salt.
  2. Once the internal temperature reaches the 60 degrees C, remove it and let it drain.
  3. For the puree, bake the peruvian potato directly in a tinfoil with butter,thyme and a little bit of  lobster oil.
  4. Peel the potatoes or put them in the thermomix in 70 degrees C for 3 minutes, adding a little bit of dairy cream and butter.
  5. Boil the beetroot for 1.5 hour in low heat with little water and  Kalamansi vinegar  and mash it up with two shrink wraps.
  6. Use belunga caviar , lemon pearls, beetroot leaves with vinaigrette from basil oil, Kalamansi vinegar and a little bit of  lobster oil in order to decorate the dish.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Villas Seaside Lounge & Restaurant for their hospitality

Chef: Christos Kitsos

Culinary arts in Ecole Gastronomique Levy, Thessaloniki

Since 2005 chef in different positions and restaurants all over the world e.g

  • Sous Chef, Balthazar Govent Garden, London, UK
  • Chef de partie στο Gordon Ramsey, Chelsea, London, UK

At this time, Executive chef at Villas Seaside restaurant lounge, Polychrono