Guest Chef recipes

Mare e Monti

Category: Main dish

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. Shrimp 1 kilo
  2. 1 medium dry onion, finely chopped
  3. 4 fresh onions, finely chopped
  4. Porcini cream 60 grams
  5. Porcini Τrifolati 100 grams
  6. Fregola Sarda grande 500 grams
  7. Spicemix del Mondo Piri Piri 25 grams
  8. Season Pepper Wild Mushrooms
  9. Parmigiano
  10. Red sweet pepper drop 16 pieces
  11. White dry wine ½ of a glass
  12. Vegetable broth
  13. Salt

Preparation Time:30 minutes


  1. Boil the fregola sarda grande for about 15 minutes
  2. Sauté the dry onion
  3. Season the shrimp with spicemix del mondo Piri Piri  and slightly sauté them
  4. Finish the shrimp with the wine and take them off the heat
  5. Let the broth boil for 10 minutes and add the fregola, salt, pepper, onions, porcini cream, Porcini Τrifolati and the spicemix del mondo Piri Piri
  6. Make the ingredients of your broth homogenous with the parmigiano and add the shrimp last
  7. Serve and decorate your dish with και διακοσμούμε το πιάτο με Red sweet pepper drops and freshly-ground season pepper Wild Mushrooms


Special thanks to Ακαδημία for their hospitality

Chef: Konstantinos Elvis Markou

Studied Food technology in the ΤΕΙ of Thessaloniki

and culinary arts in the La Chef Levi school

His experience journey starts in 1996 as a sous-chef in Thessaloniki

Since 2012 he is a professon at the La Chef Levi school of culinary arts

The Ακαδημία, since 2011, is his plave of inspiration and creation,

his gem, where he expressed his passion for cooking and art