Guest Chef recipes

Mediterranean Graffiti

Category: Cold Appetizer

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. 20 ml. passion fruit vinegar
  2. 40 gr. Caesar crumble
  3. 2 gr. Green olive soil of Chalkidiki
  4. 10 gr. Red tomato marmelade(San Marzano)
  5. 10 ml. Ελαιόλαδο με άρωμα καπνού
  6. 80 gr. Octopus
  7. 5 gr. Pistachio
  8. 2 gr. Tomato flakes
  9. 20 gr. Berry marmalade
  10. Pea germs
  11. Edible flowers
  12. 10 gr. Cow butter
  13. 2 gr. Beetroot powder
  14. 5 ml. Olive oil 
  15. 30 ml. Red wine
  16. 2 gr. Chilly flakes
  17. 2 gr. Salt 

Preparation time: 3 hours & Execution time: 10 minutes


  1. For the octopus Carpaccio:
    1. Marinate with passion fruit vinegar, chili flakes, olive oil and red wine for 20 minutes.
    2.  Wrap in a baking paper and bake it in the oven for 1.30 hour in 180 degrees.
    3. Cut the tentacles and give them a shape by using a cooking ring.
    4. Add the octopus north and put it in a chiller. 
    5. Remove the cooking ring, apply the smoked flavor olive oil and roll it in the pistachio powder.  
    6. Wrap it and leave it in the fridge. Then, it is ready to be sliced. 
  2. For the rocks:
    1. Create the rocks by mixing the crumble Caesars with the butter.
    2.  Put them in a baking paper and bake them in 160 degrees for 4 minutes.
    3. Let them cool down and maintain their shape.
  3. For the decoration:
    1. Create a motif with the berry marmalade in the plate.
    2. Set the octopus Carpaccio and the rocks along with the red wine marmalade (san Marzano).
    3. Season with the green olive soil of Chalkidiki.
    4. Garnish with tomato flakes, pea germs and edible flowers.  
    5. Flavor your dish with passion fruit vinegar and smoked flavor olive oil.


We thank Philoxenia and Kukunari Restaurant for the hospitality.

Chef: Chondrolidis Marinos

Motto: Alone, you go fast, together we go far.