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Octopus with split pea gnocchi

Category: Appetizer

Preparation time: 35 minutes & Execution time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. For the split pea:
    1. 100 gr. Yellow split pea from Santorini
    2. 1/2 Carrot
    3. 1/2 Dried onion
    4. 1/2 Bunch of celery
    5. 250 ml Water
    6. 20 ml Olive oil
    7. 10 ml Natural lemon juice
    8. 3 gr. Sea salt
    9. 2 gr. Lampong (Asia, Indonesia)
  2. For the split pea gnocchi:
    1. 100 gr. Cooked split pea
    2. 25 gr. Potato puree 
    3. 25 gr. Double zero flour
    4. 20 gr. Parmesan cheese
    5. 20 gr. Potato flour
    6.  1 lime zest
    7. 1 lime juice
    8. 1 egg yolk
    9. 2 gr. Sea salt
    10. 1 gr. Lampong (Asia, Indonesia)
  3. For the octopus:
    1. 2-3  octopus tentacles (120-150 gr. Each tentacle)
    2. 1/2 Glass rose wine
    3. 1/2 Glass white  balsamic vinegar
    4. 10 gr. Lampong (Asia, Indonesia) 
    5. 10 gr. Coriander whole
    6. 2 Daphne leaves
    7. 2 Asteroid anise
  4. For the gnocchi serving:
    1. 8 Sweet and sour white onions
    2. 10 Semi-dried cherry tomatoes
    3. Blue Persian salt preferential
    4. 4 chili rings
    5. 6 ml Kalamansi Vinegar
    6. Fruit pepper Lemon preferential 
    7. Season pepper seaweed-lemon preferential
    8. 40 gr. Sage cream
    9. Chopped chives preferential


  1. For the split pea:
    1. Cut the carrot and the dry onion into small pieces.
    2. Add the carrot, the dry onion, the celery, the split pea and the water to a pot and boil them for about 30 minutes, until the split pea has absorbed all the liquid.
    3. Once it boils, add all the ingredients to a blender and beat them until they become puree and add the olive oil and the lemon and continue beating for 2 minutes.
    4. Let it cool down.
  2. For the split pea gnocchi:
    1. Boil 1-2 potatoes in a pot and mash them after boiling.
    2. Homogenize the split pea with the mashed potatoes and add all the ingredients and incorporate them into the mixture.
    3. After we have well floured the counter and our gnocchi, we create rolls with our mixture and cut into equal pieces of 10-15 gr. gnocchi type.
    4. In a non-stick pan, sauté the gnocchi in olive oil on both sides until they get a nice golden and crispy color.
    5. Then add the pickled onions cut in half, the chili rings, the octopus cut in slices, the semi-dried cherry tomatoes, 12 gr of sage cream, 50 ml of fish stock, 10 gr of butter and the Kalamansi vinegar.
    6. Add Persian blue salt and lemon fruit pepper.
    7. Remove from heat and serve.
    8. Garnish with some chopped chives and season pepper seaweed lemon.
  3. For the octopus:
    1. Put all our ingredients in a pot and boil for about 1 hour.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits Glykanisos restaurant for their hospitality.

Chef: Dimitris Agoratzis

After 20 years of dedication to Greek cuisine and especially seafood, through hotel kitchens in Thessaloniki (“Molyvos”), Halkidiki (“Athos”), Kos (“Marmari Beach”) and Private Chefing, I ended up in recent years at “Glykaniso”, Thessaloniki.

Motto: “Passion and perseverance are the keys to success…”

You can taste the dish “Octopus with split pea gnocchi” on the new menu of Glycanisos.