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Pizza Mexicana Puebla

Category: Main Dish

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  1. Ingredients for the pizza toppings
    1. 200 gr. Mole Puebla
    2. 5 gr. Spice Oil Smoked Paprika-Jalapeno
    3. 20 gr. strained yoghurt
    4. 50 gr. cheese cream
    5. 20 gr.Chicken stock (pre-made diluted)
  2. 30 gr. Aztec beans
  3. 100 gr.brunoised chicken breast
  4. 160 gr. shredded cheddar
  5. 35 gr. Oven Baked Threecolored Peppers in Stripes
  6. 20 gr. chopped fresh onion (green)
  7. 40 gr. colourful cherry tomatoes chopped into wedges
  8. Cacao pepper Allspice-Raspberry preferable quantity
  9. Chilli rings preferable quantity
  10. Yellow Chilli  Aji-Amarillo preferable quantity

Preparation Time: 3 hours & 10 minutes preparation + 5 minutes instructions


  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and stir them with a balloon whisk, until a liquid cream is created.
  2. Pour it into a squeeze bottle.
  3.  Use 220 gr. chicken stock per 1 liter of hot water.
  4. Soak the beans for about 2 hours and boil them with salt and a little bit of sugar for 55-60minutes.
  5. Boil the chicken and spread the fillets with flavored  thyme and rosemary oil and put them in the grill in high heat in order to get roasted.
  6. Shape with your hands a 300 gr. dough of 38 cm, providing that you have let it  rest and cool down for 5 days.
  7. Use the squeeze bottle to stripe the dough with the mole puebla .
  8. Add the  Three-coloured peppers, the chicken and the beans.
  9. Roast in 400 C for 1 minute.
  10. Remove it from the oven and add the onion and the cherry tomatoes.
  11. Gring the cacao pepper Allspice-Raspberry, the chilli rings and the yellow chilli Aji-Amarillo.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Padrino SKG Food Stories restaurant for their hospitality.

Chef: Achilleas Charitos

After many years in hotels and professional restaurants, i decided to deal more with what is called Neapolitan pizza, betting on myself: To make a dough, that will be properly ripe and that will be baked very quickly with the best ingredients from Greece and Italy.

The starting point was Pezzo,  Boheme followed and at the moment in Padrino, in the White Tower.

Special credits to the  CONCEPT company

for their kind contribution of the equipment.