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Popeye’s Brunch

Category: Brunch

Preparation time: 18 minutes & Execution time: 3 minutes

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  1. 5 eggs
  2. 70 ml Milk
  3. 100 gr. Flour
  4. 5 gr. Baking powder
  5. Corn flour
  6. Panko
  7. Spinach
  8. 50 gr. Nduja
  9. 50 ml Hollandaise
  10. 15 ml Spice oil smoked paprika jalapeno
  11. 10 gr. Smoked paprika in powder
  12. 10 gr. Sun-dried crunchy pepperoni
  13. 5 gr. Spinach powder
  14. Mustard roots


  1. Create the mixture with egg, milk, flour, and baking powder for the pancake. Bake three layers and place them on one another. Cut them with a rectangular baking frame. Dip them in the corn flour, the egg, the panko and store them.
  2. Add in a pot a tablespoon of nduja , the smoked paprika in powder and the spice oil smoked paprika jalapeno. Homogenize them with the hollandaise.
  3. Fry the pancake in medium to high heat for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Make three poached eggs.
  5. Sauté the spinach with the nduja to add color and flavor.
  6. For the decoration:
    1. Spread the spinach powder.
    2. Place the fried pancake.
    3. Add the spinach with the nduja and on top of them the poached eggs.
    4. Pour the red hollandaise.
    5. Garnish with spinach powder, sun-dried crunchy pepperoni and mustard roots.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Twenty one bistro bar restaurant for their hospitality.

Chef: Alexis Sidiropoulos