Guest Chef recipes

The wealthy barn

Category: Main dish

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. Guinea flow
  2. 200 gr. Whole chestnuts
  3. 80 gr. Onions
  4. 360 gr. Butter                    
  5. 20 gr. Pepper vinegar(Espelette)
  6. 1 bough of rosemary
  7. 1 cinnamon stick
  8. 3 allspice granules
  9. 2 pieces of pink
  10. 500 gr. Dark broth
  11. 500 gr. Gelatin wine Passito
  12. 20 gr. Dehydrated shiitakes
  13. 5 gr. Fresh truffle
  14. 1 kg potatoes
  15. 150 gr. milk
  16. 5 gr. Fleur de sel I.G.P.
  17. 1 gr. nutmeg
  18. 30 gr. Olive oil
  19. 40 gr. onion
  20. 10 gr. garlic
  21. 200 gr. Fregola Sarda piccola
  22. 50 gr. Nduja
  23. 100 gr. White wine
  24. 250 gr. Chicken broth
  25. 100 gr. Variety 8 species of mushrooms (trifolati)

Preparation time: 60 minutes & Execution time: 50 minutes


  1. For the stew chestnut:
    1. Glaze with a little bit of butter the onions of the stew in a small pot until they caramelize and then reduce the heat by pouring pepper vinegar and red wine.
    2. Let half of the liquids evaporate and add the chestnuts.
    3. Add the chicken broth, the cinnamon, the spices and the rosemary.
    4. Cover the pot with its top and reduce the heat for about 25 minutes.
  2. For the potato puree:
    1. Bake the whole potatoes in the oven and once they are ready, clean them and use the hand grinder.
    2. Add 300 gr of butter in pieces and stir the mixture.
    3. Add 150 gr of milk and once it is heated add Fleur de sel and nutmeg to improve the flavor.
  3. For the wine sauce with truffle and mushrooms:
    1. Add in a pot the dark chicken broth that we you have made (demi glace) in a medium heat
    2. In another pot add the wine gelatin to melt in a medium heat.
    3. Once the half amount of the liquids evaporate, mix them together and add the mushrooms.
    4. Let it froze and homogenize the sauce with 20gr cold butter (remove it from the heat).
  4. For the filling of guinea flow:
    1. In a medium heat and pot, add the olive oil, the onion, the garlic and the nduja. Saute them until they get a colour.
    2. Add the fregola and reduce the heat by pouring white wine.
    3. Once half of the liquid evaporates, add the broth and the mushrooms and cook them for about 20 minutes.
    4. Once the filling has dried up, put it in a gastronorm to cool down.
  5. For the quinea flow:
    1. Remove the bones from the quinea flow, add salt-pepper and add the filling equally on the surface.
    2. Tie the quinea flow with a string in the aliquot points, so that it won’t open.
    3.  Warm up the oven in 185 degrees and use the air fryer to bake it on a grating for 25 minutes. 
    4. Once it is ready, cut the string and let it rest for 5 minutes.
    5. Cut it and serve it out.
  6. Add fresh truffle on the top of it.

Enjoy your meal…

Special credits to Stinking Bishop for their hospitality.

Chef: Dimitris Agapitos