Guest Chef recipes


Category: Hot appetizer

Preparation time: 30 minutes & execution time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. 30 gr. Shiitake
  2. 30 gr. Variety of 8 species of mushrooms (trifolati)
  3. 5 gr.  Shichimi Togarashi
  4. 25 gr. Cod cream
  5. 2 gr. Timur berry
  6. 30 ml. Lobster oil
  7. 12 gr. Crumble soya wasabi
  8. 50 ml. Creamy cajun
  9. 2 Nori leaves
  10. 60 gr. Agaricus mushrooms
  11. 40 gr. Jasmine rice 
  12. Dried onion
  13. Carrot
  14. Mussles
  15. Shrimps
  16. Crayfish 
  17. 20 ml. Yuzu juice
  18. Salt
  19. Germs
  20. Parsley oil
  21. White wine
  22. 60 ml. Dairy cream


  1. For the filling: 
    • Boil the jasmine rice for 12 minutes. 
    • Sauté the shrimps and crayfish with their shells in the lobster oil.
    • Remove them and in the same pan cook the chopped onion and carrots for 15 minutes.
    • Steam the mussels in water and white wine until they open, deglaze the pan with their broth and then add the rice, the cleaned and chopped seafood, for another 3 minutes. 
    • Season with shichimi togarashi and add the cod cream to homogenize the mixture. Check the salt.
  2. For the mushroom puree:
    • Soak the shiitakes in hot water for 10 minutes, then drain and sauté them for 2 minutes.
    • Sauté the agaricus mushrooms for 5 minutes and, along with the 8 types of mushrooms, whip them in a thermo-mix with the dairy cream.
  3. Soak the nori leaves in lukewarm water for 10 seconds and use a bamboo stick to roll them with the filling in a dolma shape.
  4. Instructions:
    • Heat the creamy cajun and add yuzu juice and timur berry.
    • Steam the dolmades for 5 minutes, cut them in half, place them on a plate and pour the sauce over them.
    • Garnish them with germs and crumble soya wasabi.
    • Add the mushroom puree in dots.
    • Drizzle with lobster and parsley oil.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Rivelia Dining Experience restaurant for their hospitality.

Chef: Stavros Georgiadis