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Christmas circle

Category: Salad/ topping

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. 300 gr. Bulcur coarse
  2. 300 gr. Roasted green wheat (freekeh)
  3. 120 gr. Whole chestnuts
  4. 5-10 gr. Cacao Pepper Allspice-Raspberry
  5. 60 gr. Balsamic cream with raspberry
  6. 15 gr. Gelatin wine Chianti (red)
  7. 20 gr. Spicemix del mondo Yedi Baharat
  8. 10 gr. Cranberry perles
  9. 30 gr. Olive oil
  10. 50 gr. Honey
  11. 25 gr. Golden blonde raisins
  12. Orange zest
  13. 5 gr. Garlic paste
  14. 30 gr. Cognac
  15. 10 gr. Balcamic Parpaccio Lampone
  16. Salt
  17. Pepper Black “Lampong” whole

Preparation time: 15 minutes & Execution time: 10 minutes


  1. Add in a bowl the bulcur coarse and pour hot water until it is covered. Then, cover it with a plastic covering and let it absorb the liquids.
  2. In a small pot with boiling water add the green roasted wheat and boil it until it gets soft. (about 10-12 minutes)
  3. Once both of the ingredients are ready and have cooled down, add them in a big bowl and mix them.
  4. Add the chopped chestnuts, the olive oil, the Spicemix del mondo Yedi Baharat, the raisins (which you have previously left in cognac for about an hour), the orange zest, the garlic paste, salt, pepper and mix them.
  5. For the dressing:
    1. Add the balsamic cream with cranberry in a bowl and add the cranberry pearls with a little bit of the jam’s juice.
    2. Add the honey and mix the ingredients.
  6.  Add the salad in a shallow dish in a circular way. Add the dressing in the middle of the plate and decorate the dish with white wine gelatin and Balsamic Parpaccio Lampone.

Special credits to CONCEPT Company for

 their kind contribution of the equipment.

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