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A different kind of Greek salad

Category:  Starter

Ingredients for 2-4 portions:

  1. 500 gr. Tomato San Marzano P.D.O.
  2. 50 gr. Semi-dried cherry tomatoes
  3. 50 gr. Semi-dried yellow cherry tomatoes
  4. 100 gr. Fresh tomato partially dried
  5. 50 gr. Fresh cherry tomatoes
  6. 30 gr. Shallot vinegar
  7. 80 gr. Tomato vinegar
  8. 100 gr. Grapeseed oil
  9. 10 – 15 gr. Chilli oil
  10. 20 gr. Olive oil marmelade
  11. Olive seeds (preferable amount)
  12.  340 gr. Olive oil
  13. 2 items of green pepper
  14. 2 items of cucumber
  15. 5 items of shallot onions
  16. 1 bunch of fresh oregano
  17. 50 gr. Goat soft cheese
  18. 20 gr. Granulated sugar
  19. Salt & Pepper

Preparation time: 30 minutes & Execution time: 5 minutes


  1. Για το dressing:
    1. Mash up the san marzano tomato along with 2 green peppers, 1 cucumber and 1 shallot onion.
    2. Let the mixture in a sieve to get strained and keep the liquids.
    3. Put in a bowl the liquids that you kept along with the tomato vinegar, the chilli oil and blend them.
    4. Check the salt and the pepper
  2. For the oregano olive oil:
    1. Blanch the fresh oregano and strain her in an absorbent paper.
    2. Blend the grapeseed oil with the fresh oregano, until they become homogenous.
  3. For the pickled onion:
    1. Use a mandoline slicer, to cut the shallot onions.
    2. Put in a pot, the shallot vinegar, the sugar the salt and the pepper, until they start boiling.
    3. Leave the vinegar mixture in a bowl in order to cool down and add in the mixture the onions.
  4. Cut all the indredients and put them in plate. Check the salt and the pepper.
  5. Add in the plate the olive oil marmelade.
  6. Add the dressing, garnish with the olive seeds and serve it out.

Special credits to the CONCEPT company

for their kind contribution of the equipment.