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American steak sandwich

Category: Street Food

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. 2 slices of beef Rib Eye, 150 grams each one of them
  2. 4 slices of country bread
  3. Radicchio cream 60 grams
  4. Ravigote sauce 45 grams
  5. Onion Jam with balsamic 30 grams
  6. Cornichons chopped in slices 20 grams
  7. Fried Onion Flakes 30 grams
  8. 4 wheels of tomato
  9. 4 slices of iceberg
  10. Danish Smoked Pyramid Salt  preferably
  11. Pepper Black “Lampong” Ground  preferably
  12. For the country potatoes:
    1. 6 baby potatoes boiled and chopped in quarters
    2. Smoked Paprika Powder 24 grams
    3. Spicemix del Mondo Mediterrane 15 grams
    4. Danish Smoked Pyramid Salt preferably
    5. Sunflower oil for the frying
  13. For the smoked paprika sauce:
    1. Ravigote sauce 90 grams
    2. Smoked Paprika Powder 24 grams

Preparation Time: 20 minutes


  1. In a grill-pan or in the grill roast the rib eye since you have it marinated with the Danish smoked salt and with black “Lampong” pepper
  2. Roast it for 3-4 minutes from both sides and let it rest.
  3. Then, without cleaning the grill, put the slices of bread on it in order to get the flavor of the steak. Once they get a red colour, remove them.
  4. Finally, put together the sandwich with all the ingredients in a random order (Ravigote sauce, Radicchio cream, Onion Jam with Balsamic, cornichon and  fried onion flakes)
  5. Cut the sandwich in the middle, so that the ingredients and the steak-roasting will be discernible and serve it out with country potatoes and smoked paprika sauce.
  6. Country potatoes:
    1. In a big pan add sunflower oil and when the oil has heated add the potatoes until they get a golden colour and become crispy.
    2. Then, with a spider transfer them to a bowl, in which you have put the rest of the ingredients and blend them.
    3. Add Danish Smoked Pyramid Salt and serve them out.
  7. Smoked Paprika sauce:
    1. Put the ravigote sauce and the Smoked Paprika in a mixer and then serve them out.

Special credits to the CONCEPT company for their kind contribution of the equipment for the recipe.