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Dirty twins

Category: Street food

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. 500 gr. Chicken thigh
  2. 500 gr. Pork neck
  3. 150 gr. Bombay curry sauce
  4. 100 gr. Mixture of grilled vegetable
  5. 150 gr. Pulled pork sauce
  6. 40 gr. Pulled pork seasoning
  7. 15 gr. Fried onion flakes
  8. 25 gr. Onion jam with balsamic 
  9. 100 gr. Red cabbage
  10. 50 gr. Iceberg 
  11. 25 gr. Mayonnaise
  12. 50 gr. Strained yoghurt
  13. 15 gr. Crispy rice flakes with curry
  14. 2 boilen corns
  15. 20 gr. Taco mix 
  16. 100 gr. All-purpose flour 
  17. 50 ml. Water
  18. Fresh natural lemon juice 100%
  19. Salt
  20. Pepper 4 seasons
  21. Olive oil

Preparation Time : 30 minutes & Execution Time : 10 minutes


  1. For the meat on skewers:
    1. Cut in cubes the chicken thigh and the pork neck and marinate them with Bombay curry sauce and pulled pork seasoning respectively.
    2. Put them in the skewers and roast them in the grate. As they get roasted, apply quite often  the Bombay curry sauce and the pulled pork seasoning, so that a glaze is formed around the meat.
  2. Add in a bowl the chopped cabbage and the iceberg and mix them with the mayonnaise. Add salt and pepper.
  3. Add in another bowl the yoghurt, the fresh natural lemon juice, a little bit of olive oil and mix them.
  4. In a big bowl, add the flour, the water, the taco mix and mix them so that tight dough will be created. Cut the dough in small balls and use those small balls to make thin tortillas. Once you create the tortillas, bake them in a non-stick pan.
  5. Serve the tortilla with the yoghurt sauce, the grilled vegetable mixture, the chicken skewer with the Bombay curry sauce, the crispy rice flakes with curry and thin slices of onion.
  6. In another tortilla, serve the coleslaw, the pork skewer with the pulled pork seasoning, the onion jam with balsamic, the fried onion flakes and corn slices seasoned with taco mix.

Special credits to the CONCEPT Company

For their kind contribution of the equipment.

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