Magna Carta recipes

Fragile Ann

Category: Dessert

Preparation time: 8 hours & execution time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 10 portions:

For the meringue

  1. 100 ml Water
  2. 10 gr. Albumin
  3. 220 gr. Sugar
  4. 2 gr. Cremor Tartar
  5. 10 gr. Beetroot powder 


  1. Add the water with Albumin in a mixer and blend them in a medium speed. Then, add the sugar and the Cremor Tartar. Continue blending for a few more minutes.
  2. Add the meringue in a baking dish and put them in a dehumidifier for 2-3 hours in 95 degrees.
  3. Sprinkle half of the meringues with beetroot powder.

For the white chocolate cream:

  1. 400 ml. Dairy cream
  2. 250 gr. Cheese cream
  3. 500 gr. White baking chocolate 
  4. 30 gr.  Baking sugar 


  1. Add the dairy cream, the white baking chocolate and the baking sugar in a bain-marie.
  2. Once the chocolate melts, add the cheese cream and blend them till they become homogenous.
  3. Add the mixture in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

 For the Madagascar vanilla ice cream 

  1. 250 ml. Milk
  2. 250 ml. Dairy cream
  3. 100 γρ. Sugar
  4. 4 sticks of Vanilla Madagascar
  5. 100 gr. Egg yolk
  6. 40 gr. Super texture stabiliser


  1. Add all the ingredients in a bowl and stir them.
  2. Transfer them in a vacuum bag and cook them in sous vide for one hour in 82 degrees.
  3. Cool down the mixture in ice with water and put it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. You should stir the mixture quite often. 

For the forest fruit sauce 

  1. 300 gr. Forest fruit cream 
  2. 20 ml. Raspberry vinegar 
  3. 15 ml. Water
  4. 5 γρ. Glucose
  5. 3 γρ. Xanthan Gum 


  1. Add in a small pot all the ingredients except from the Xanthan gum.
  2. Once the mixture is heated and the ingredients have homogenized, add the xanthan gum and stir the mixture.
  3. Let the mixture cool down. 

For the decoration 

  1. 20-40 gr crunch of white chocolate with raspberry- yoghurt
  2. 50 gr. Wild cherries
  3. Raspberry powder
  4. Beetroot germs

Preparation time: 20 minutes & execution time: 10 minutes

Special credits to CONCEPT company for their kind contribution of the equipment.

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