Magna Carta recipes

Lob & Roll

Category: Street food

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. 120 ml Hollandaise
  2. 15 ml Lobster oil
  3. 20 gr. Tajin (NEW)
  4. 20 gr. Caesar crumble (NEW)
  5. 10 gr. Bacon flavor in powder
  6. 20 gr. Anchovy fillets in sunflower oil
  7. 15 gr. Dijon mustard
  8. 300 ml. Canola oil with butter flavor
  9. 40 gr. Iceberg
  10. 1 kg. Lobster
  11. 200 gr. Βaked corn
  12. 150 gr. Lettuce leaves
  13. 12 gr. Season pepper garlic – onion (shallot)
  14. 10 gr. Salt with celery
  15. 20 gr. Onion germs
  16. 2 buns “ Michelen cake pan”

Preparation time: 20 minutes & execution time: 15 minutes


  1. Add the lobster in a pot with boiling water and boil it for a few minutes, until it changes color.
  2.  Then, put the lobster in water with ice and let it cool down. Clean the lobster and poach for five minutes in the canola oil with butter flavor.
  3. Season with Tajin and celery salt.
  4. For the Caesar-Hollandaise sauce:
    1. Add in a mixer the Hollandaise sauce, the lobster oil, the anchovy, the garlic flavor powder, the Dijon mustard and the season pepper-garlic (shallot). Mix the mixture, till it becomes homogenous.
  5. Add in bowl the lobster, the chopped iceberg, the Caesar- Hollandaise sauce and mix them.
  6. Serve it in the “Michelen cake pan”  and add the Caesar crumble on the top of it. 
  7. Serve the lobster rolls with baked corn that is seasoned with tajin and season pepper garlic-onion (shallot), the lettuce leaves and the onion germs.

Special credits to CONCEPT company for their kind contribution of the equipment as well as ΖΕΩ bakers for the “ Michelen cake pan” that was used in the recipe.

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