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Mushroom tartar with truffle caviar & porcini cream

Category:  Starter

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. 200 gr. White mushrooms
  2. 150 gr. Variety of 8 Species Mushrooms (trifolati)
  3. 80 gr. Porcini cream
  4. 25 gr. Μοrchelles Extra Selection
  5. 40 gr. Onion Jam with Balsamic
  6. 20 ml Aceto balsamico with truffle flavoring
  7. Black truffle carpaccio slices
  8. Truffle caviar
  9. Porcini powder
  10. Season pepper Garlic Shallot
  11. Persian Bleu Salt

Preparation Time: 10 minutes & execution time: 5 minutes


  1. Soak in a bowl with lukewarm water the morchelles for 5 minutes and get them strained.
  2. Chop the white mushrooms, the trifolati mushrooms and the morchelles.
  3. Add in a bowl the chopped onions and add the porcini cream, the aceto balsamico and the onion marmelade.
  4. Spice it with the season pepper garlic- shallot onion and with the blue persian salt.
  5. Add the porcini powder.
  6. Serve the dish out and garnish with the truffle caviar and the truffle carpaccio.

Special credits to the CONCEPT company

for their kind contribution of the equipment