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Confi duck with chestnut puree and porto sauce

Category: Main dish

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. 2 duck breasts
  2. Whole Chestnuts 350 grams
  3. Heavy cream 250 ml
  4. Chinese five spices mix 35 grams
  5. Port Wine 500 ml
  6. Brown Sugar 500 grams
  7. Gravy sauce 220 grams
  8. Fregola Sarda piccola 300 grams
  9. Quince Paste 100 grams
  10. Olive oil 500 ml
  11. Persian Bleu Salt to taste
  12. Cacao Pepper Aniseed – Maniguette Pepper  to taste
  13. Pepper black “Lampong” whole to taste

Preparation time: 2 hours


  1. Season the duck with the chinese five spices mix and the Persian Bleu Salt .
  2. Place it in a cooking pan and add olive oil until the duck is covered.
  3. Cook in the oven at 80 degrees for about 1 hour and 30 minutes until the duck’s interior reaches a temperature of 75 degrees.
  4. Remove the duck from the oil and sauté it on a medium to high heat on its skin side until it becomes crisp.
  5. Finally, cut the breasts in half and serve.
  6. For the chestnut purée:
    1. Place the Chestnuts  along with some of their juice, the heavy cream and 100 grams of brown sugar in the thermix and beat on medium speed at 90 degrees until a velvety purée is formed
    2. Spice with the chinese five spices mix and the Persian Bleu Salt
  7. For the Port sauce:
    1. In a small pan place the sugar, Port wine and gravy sauce on a low heat until the mixture reduces and becomes thick.
  8. Fot the Fregola Sarda piccola:
    1. inside a frying pan sauté with olive oil and add water inportions until it becomes soft.
    2. Cool it down by spreading it on a pan
    3. Then fry it until it becomes crisp
    4. Finally, add προσθέτουμε Persian Bleu Salt and pepper.
  9. Cut the Quince Paste in cubes, decorate with some cacao pepper and serve.