Magna Carta recipes

Puffer Bao

Category: Main course

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. Battered haddock
    1. 400 gr. haddock 
    2. 30 gr. humus di mare (anchovy, lemon, caper)
    3. 50 gr.onion & sweet chili sauce
    4. 10 gr. Season pepper seaweed lemon
    5. 60 gr. Arrow root grounded
    6. 150 gr. Battering 4 kinds of pepper
    7. 20 ml. Sesame oil
    8. 20 gr. Chopped coriander
    9. Salt 
    10. Sunflower oil for the frying
  2. Bao Burger
    1. 235 gr. water
    2. 30 gr. Sunflower oil
    3. 9 gr. Dried yeast
    4. 7 gr. baking powder
    5. 75 gr Granulated sugar
    6. 500 gr. Flour for all uses
    7. 4 gr. Salt
  3. Mayonnaise seafood
    1. 6 egg yolks 
    2. Sunflower oil
    3. 80 gr. Cetarese Pesto
    4. 10 ml. Vinegar with ginger
  4. Seaweed salad
    1. 30 gr. Hydrated seaweed salad (5 varieties)
    2. Hot water
    3. 20 gr. Lolo rosso
  5. Topping
    1. Seaweed Nachos

Preparation time: 60 minutes & execution time: 20 minutes


  1. For the battered haddock:
    1. Cut the haddock in fillets of 100 gr. each.
    2. Add in a bowl the hummus di mare anchovy-lemon-caper, the
      onion&sweet chili sauce, the season pepper seaweed lemon, the
      sesame oil, the coriander and the salt.
    3. Blend them to create a mixture, which will be used in order to
      marinate the haddock and which will help the breading to be
      applied on the fillets. 
    4. Dip the haddock in the mixture and then bread the fillets with the
      4 peppers battering.
    5. Put the fillets in the fridge for at least half an hour.
    6. In a big pan add the sunflower oil and fry the haddock fillets until
      they become crispy.
  2. For the bao burger:
    1. Blend the flour, the sugar, the dried yeast, the salt and the baking
    2. Cut the dough into pieces and let it rest.
    3. Warm a pot with water- Put a baking paper above the water and
      put on it the bao buns until they prove.
  3. For the seafood mayonnaise:
    1. Blend the egg yolks along with the cetarese pesto and the ginger
      vinegar. Add gradually the sunflower oil until a creamy mayonnaise
      is made.
  4. For the seaweed salad:
    1. Put the dehydrated seaweed salad in a bowl and cover it with hot
      water until they expand.
    2. Get them strained and cool them down.
    3. Mix the seaweed with the lolo rosso.
  5. Serve the bao burger and the seaweed nachos.

Special credits to CONCEPT company

For their kind contribution of the equipment.