Magna Carta recipes

The haddock’s revolution

Category: Street food

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  1. 800 gr. Haddock fillet (moist)
  2. 150 gr. Pea
  3. 100 gr. Green asparagus cream
  4. 200 gr. Dairy cream
  5. 150 gr. Walnut pesto
  6. 120 gr. Bread 
  7. 50 gr. Walnuts
  8. 2 cloves of garlic
  9. 90 ml Walnut oil
  10. 500 gr. Flour
  11. 4 eggs
  12. 10 gr. Season pepper garlic-onion (shallot)
  13. 30 gr. Seaweed nachos 
  14. 10 gr. Sepia
  15. 500 gr. Beer with yeast
  16. 300 gr. Breading Mosaic
  17. 50 ml White vinegar balsamic 
  18. 5 medium potatoes
  19. Salt
  20. Black pepper “Lampong” whole
  21. Sunflower oil for the frying

Preparation time: 30 minutes & execution time: 15 minutes


  1. Cut the haddock fillets in small pieces and put them in an absorbent paper.
  2. For the battering:
    1. In a big bowl add the flour, the sepia and the beer and mix them until a mixture is created.
    2. Then, put the mixture in the fridge.
  3. Dip the haddock in the flour and in the battering and fry the fish in plenty of sunflower oil, until it becomes crispy.
  4. For the battering:
    1. In three separate plates put flour, egg and Mosaic breading.
    2. Batter the haddock and fry it until it becomes crispy.
  5. For the pea puree:
    1.  Add in a pot the pea, the dairy cream and cook them until the pea becomes soft.
    2. Add the asparagus and use a hand blender.
    3. Check the salt and the pepper and add 20 ml of white vinegar balsamic.
  6. For the walnut pesto:
    1. Soak the bread in water and get it well strained.
    2. Add in a mixer the walnut pesto, the walnut oil, the walnuts, the garlic and the bread.
    3.  Blend them until they become homogenous and check the salt.
  7. For the potatoes:
    1. Cut the potatoes in thin sticks and fry them until they become crispy.
    2. Once they are ready, put them in an absorbent paper and blend them with seaweed nachos.
    3. Dust with season pepper garlic-onion and a little bit of salt.

Special credits to Dipnoceramics CONCEPT company for their kind contribution of the equipment.

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