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Category: Starter

Ingredients for 2 portions:

  1. 180 gr. Octopus
  2. 160 gr. squid
  3. 160 gr. potato
  4. 60 gr. Friarielli
  5. 20 gr. Caperberries
  6. 20 gr. Olive oil seeds
  7. 20 gr. Lemon pesto
  8. 30 . Cetarese pesto
  9. 30 ml kalamansi vinegar
  10. 10 ml Colatura di alici
  11. Season pepper seaweed lemon (preferable amount)
  12. Fried onion flakes (preferable amount)
  13. 160 ml Aceto balsamico with fig flavoring
  14. 30 gr. Cornichons
  15. 450 ml Olive oil
  16. 60 ml Natural lemon juice 100%
  17. 20 gr. Olive washers
  18. Lime zest
  19. dill, mint, parsley

Preparation time:  6 hours & Execution time: 5 minutes


  1. For the potato salad:
    1. Boil the potato squares and strain them until they cool down.
    2. Add in a bowl the cetarese pesto, the colatura di alici, the olive seeds, the cornichons,the caperberries and the fried onion flakes.
  2. For the octopus:
    1. Boil in sous vide in 80°C for 6 hours.
  3. For the frosting:
    1. Boil down in a pot the aceto balsamico with fig flavoring.
    2. When a sauce is created, frost the octopus and burn it with a kitchen blowtorch.
  4. For the squid:
    1. Cut the squid into 3 pieces, carve them and saute in a high heat.
    2. Add the lemon pesto, salt, the lime zest and the season pepper seaweed lemon.
  5. For the friarelli:
    1. Marinate in a bowl the friarelli with flavorings, season pepper seaweed lemon, dill, mint, parsley, 20 ml olive oil, a little bit of salt and a scoop of kalamansi vinegar
  6. For the potato salad dressing:
    1. Intergrate 60 ml lemon and 30 ml kalamansi vinegar in 270 ml olive oil.
  7. For the octopus dressing:
    1. Integrate 60 ml aceto balsamico with fig flavoring in 180 ml olive oil.

Enjoy your meal…
Special credits to Τakos restaurant for their hospitality

Chef: Vaggelis Tamilias

Μotto: “Cook with love”